Why REAL Country? 
You don’t live in New York City, you live in South Texas
where country music is not just a music phenomenon,
and country music is who you really are!

In 1995, Quality Broadcasting embarked on a mission - - to provide South Texas with a true to its roots country music station. A station that not only reflected the ever changing sound of country music but also paid homage to those country music greats that pioneered the sounds that have given rise to some of America’s most revered music celebrities.

Willie, Waylon, both George’s, Garth, Kenny, Reba, Toby and Carrie are frequently heard on the air belting out the songs you know and love.

Unlike the corporate influenced pre-determined rotation of country music songs found on stations all over the rest of the USA, Quality Broadcasting gives the Coastal Bend a blend of progressive, traditional and current country music Texans have been raised on for generations - - and topping it off with a splash of Texas music.


KFTX is REAL. REAL music. REAL people.
In South Texas, Country music IS what mainstream Pop music is to New York, LA, Chicago…

Just listen…and you will hear country music played overhead at car dealerships, doctor’s offices, law firms, retail locations, fire stations and restaurants, even in elevators, country music is everywhere!

Besides the music, the best thing about Real Country are the REAL people you hear! Take the popularity of country music and add in a group of REAL personalities who really enjoy what they do and you have a winning combination of music and passion. The Real Country Crew is a personality-driven air staff – NOT piped in and NOT pre-produced -- we’re LIVE and proud of it!

Everyone loves REAL Country.

At home, the office or in your car, KFTX is the station more men and women agree on! Recent research indicates the highest levels of loyal listenership and prize winners in the affluent neighborhoods with higher incomes and discretionary funds.

The advantage of radio is definitely the affordability of frequency and the immediacy in which your message can be broadcast.

Simply put, RADIO WORKS!

Clients are thrilled at the results from advertising on KFTX. Advertisers that joined the station early on and got in on the ground floor of what was the newest country music station in 1995 have certainly reaped the rewards. It’s the combination of the best rates and the personal assurance that each advertiser is given: You have our total support in ensuring that your message is produced to garner those retail customers. From a marketing standpoint, our professional Sales & Marketing Consultants, will review and determine how best to get your message out and pull in the results you want.

Of particular note, is the tremendous effect that RADIO has in the outlying perimeters of the Coastal Bend. Often times, listenership statistics have been difficult to measure in rural areas outside of the main metropolitan cities. It is in the smaller communities where the KFTX principle of affordability and immediacy are easily proven. We are a results oriented business and results are what we produce!

Keeping up with technological advances, has also opened a new arena for country music listeners. In house research points to increased listenership through the streaming of audio via the internet with added value options to make your dollars go even further.

KFTX and Quality Broadcasting are locally owned and locally managed by members of our community who call South Texas home and are dedicated to the well being of our local economy, neighborhoods, schools and businesses. From the person answering the phone to the person who sets up the remote vehicles, the KFTX staff is committed to not only bring you the music you love, but also the hands-on dedication to our community and the utmost of personal attention to the clients who advertise with us.
For more information; e-mail cyndi@kftx.com .


Really! Everybody Always Listens!


97.5 KFTX - FM



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